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I built this web site as a resource for all Ford Mustang fanatics such as myself.  I have personally owned two mustangs so far.  My first mustang was a 1965 fastback with a 289 under the hood and mean looking Mustang HID Kits.  My father surprised me with when I was 17 years old.  Technically it was his car, but he let me borrow it often.  It was so sweet!  If I can dig up some pictures, I will post them here and we can look at some Mustang Body Kits.

We kept it for about two years, then sold it for financial reasons for $4200.  Today it's probably worth $20,000.   If we only knew then!  AHHH!  It was in MINT condition.  We replaced the mustang interior, gave it a cherry red paint job, and much more.  It never saw a winter.  Well, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to get that mustang back, but I won't count on it with the economy the way it is these days.  A lot of Detroit factories closed down and people are out of jobs there.  Recently I bought a Hemi Charger.  It's all wheel drive and does what I need.  The four doors don't hurt ether I have to admit.

Anyway, today all I have to show for it is the mustang key still on my keychain!  Hopefully, I can buy another one one day.  I have my eye on the 1967 to 1968 mustang fastbacks.

Contact us if you would like to post your mustang's information and picture on our web site.

Upgrading some of the interior styling parts such as the Mustang automatic shifter can give your stock looking car a more custom look.

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